Sewing your own Skate & Gymnastics Wear – getting started

Hints and tips for sewing skating dresses and leotards

As a skater, and a parent of both a skater and a gymnast, it didn’t take me long to see the benefits of learning to sew leotards! It is really not as hard as it looks, especially when you have a good pattern. Here are some ideas to get you started.

What you’ll need…..

– a reliable sewing machine with good zig zag ability. Or an overlocker/serger if you are lucky! The overlocker is great to speed up projects and give them a more professional look. They are not essential though!

– lycra or stretch velvet fabric. Lycra is easier to learn with. If buying stretch velvet, make sure it is good quality and preferably 4 way stretch. If buying 2 way stretch, make sure stretch is generous and even in both directions. Panne velvet does not have good stretch and patterns will usually need adjusting to allow for this, so if possible, go for the good stuff. Panne also curls and is a general pain.

– a good pattern. Jalie and quik sew have some good ones. I will try and post some of my favourites to help fellow beginner sewers. Click HERE to see some of my favourites!


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