Training log – Jul. 27

This morning’s training was its usual mixed bag. Blades are still going pretty well, but having not skated during the week, it took me some extra time to get going this morning. We’ve been going to the earliest session (5:30 am start), which means getting up at 4:15 to get there in time. Poor DH is suffering, and I think silently wishing we would give up this mad idea.. leaving my alarm to go off after I got up this morning didn’t help matters… poor man.

This morning I was chuffed when my coach saw me mucking around to someone’s music, doing some jumps. “That’s great, show me again” – of course I couldn’t. I can never produce a decent anything to order. It is very frustrating! Another highlight this morning was our Silver Samba. I love this dance, it’s so much fun. We had it flying around at a blistering pace to “Blame it on the Boogie”. I am on the lookout for some more music (108bpm) to play with for this one. Any suggestions, anyone?


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