Training log 9th August, 2012 – Don’t laugh!

Today’s coffee club session had its highs and its lows. On the plus side, there was a nice sized group there, and everyone is making good progress. Today my Thursday dance partner and I finally managed the swing dance in the correct hold, a great milestone for us!

On the down side, the instructor for the coffee club session is really getting me down. He is a helpful teacher, and has done a lot to help my skating technically. But psychologically he is messing with my confidence. He does this by laughing to himself (quite visibly) whenever I attempt a jump. I know my flip and lutz are bad. I am fine with him pointing that out and helping me improve them – he does this well – but I am NOT fine with being laughed at!!! It is hard for a 40 something mum of 4 to get on the ice and try and jump around like a teenager. I may look ridiculous, but I enjoy it!! I don’t appreciate having my confidence eroded by this man. To all the coaches out there who work with adult skaters – the number 1 rule must be to laugh WITH us, not AT us. It’s called respect.


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