Back into it….

As an adult skater it doesn’t take much sometimes to distract us from our goals. We have our day to day roles and responsibilities constantly calling us back to the ‘real’ grown up world. Earlier this year our rink closed for major renovations. The two weeks seemed insignificant, but then a fire closed it “until further notice”. My coach was not available at the other rink within doable reach for me, and so I settled into skating without instruction for the duration.

The result of this has been the gradual erosion of my motivation. Extra work days and the busy schedule of 4 school aged kids took their toll. My early am Saturday session turned into a tennis lesson with a child. My Thursday coffee club turned into work day, shopping and/or a music lesson (I am a music teacher). It has been harder and harder to make myself make time to skate.

Conclusion? Yes, I need those lessons, not just to improve my skating skills, but to lock in a time to skate and to motivate me to practise. I think this is something adult skaters get from their lessons that the kids don’t need. So to any wavering fellow adult skaters, keep up those lessons! I have found another temporary coach and locked in my session!


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