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Well that explains it….

Turns out I now have the cold/flu thing too. I have decided to take a break altogether till we come back from our trip, then make a new start, hopefully with new ideas and vigor to get my out of my skating rut.


A continual struggle with loss of mojo…

It’s been a couple of weeks since I went to the rink to actually skate…. Why? I am not sure but there are a few factors. I am back with my original teacher and that is good…. And yet…. Every. Time I get on and skate I tire quickly and am unable to do anything decent. ,my first dance lesson in a while showed my how rusty and unfit I am. Going back to skating in the session normally frequented by national level teenagers is daunting….

Plus, we have a flu in the house and it is hard to walk away from sick husband and go skate…leaving him to cope with sick kids….

Plus, I have been spending hours at the rink watching DD1 and it is COLD in there at 6am on Sunday mornings. It does not fill me with desire to go back and skate

Plus, we have a big trip coming up and I am afraid to join the sick list.

Plus, I am just feeling very old all of a sudden. ESPECIALLY on the ice.

Hopefully I will get back in the swing of things next term, when the weather is warmer and our trip is over.