Well that explains it….

Turns out I now have the cold/flu thing too. I have decided to take a break altogether till we come back from our trip, then make a new start, hopefully with new ideas and vigor to get my out of my skating rut.

A continual struggle with loss of mojo…

It’s been a couple of weeks since I went to the rink to actually skate…. Why? I am not sure but there are a few factors. I am back with my original teacher and that is good…. And yet…. Every. Time I get on and skate I tire quickly and am unable to do anything decent. ,my first dance lesson in a while showed my how rusty and unfit I am. Going back to skating in the session normally frequented by national level teenagers is daunting….

Plus, we have a flu in the house and it is hard to walk away from sick husband and go skate…leaving him to cope with sick kids….

Plus, I have been spending hours at the rink watching DD1 and it is COLD in there at 6am on Sunday mornings. It does not fill me with desire to go back and skate

Plus, we have a big trip coming up and I am afraid to join the sick list.

Plus, I am just feeling very old all of a sudden. ESPECIALLY on the ice.

Hopefully I will get back in the swing of things next term, when the weather is warmer and our trip is over.

Back into it….

As an adult skater it doesn’t take much sometimes to distract us from our goals. We have our day to day roles and responsibilities constantly calling us back to the ‘real’ grown up world. Earlier this year our rink closed for major renovations. The two weeks seemed insignificant, but then a fire closed it “until further notice”. My coach was not available at the other rink within doable reach for me, and so I settled into skating without instruction for the duration.

The result of this has been the gradual erosion of my motivation. Extra work days and the busy schedule of 4 school aged kids took their toll. My early am Saturday session turned into a tennis lesson with a child. My Thursday coffee club turned into work day, shopping and/or a music lesson (I am a music teacher). It has been harder and harder to make myself make time to skate.

Conclusion? Yes, I need those lessons, not just to improve my skating skills, but to lock in a time to skate and to motivate me to practise. I think this is something adult skaters get from their lessons that the kids don’t need. So to any wavering fellow adult skaters, keep up those lessons! I have found another temporary coach and locked in my session!

Training log 9th August, 2012 – Don’t laugh!

Today’s coffee club session had its highs and its lows. On the plus side, there was a nice sized group there, and everyone is making good progress. Today my Thursday dance partner and I finally managed the swing dance in the correct hold, a great milestone for us!

On the down side, the instructor for the coffee club session is really getting me down. He is a helpful teacher, and has done a lot to help my skating technically. But psychologically he is messing with my confidence. He does this by laughing to himself (quite visibly) whenever I attempt a jump. I know my flip and lutz are bad. I am fine with him pointing that out and helping me improve them – he does this well – but I am NOT fine with being laughed at!!! It is hard for a 40 something mum of 4 to get on the ice and try and jump around like a teenager. I may look ridiculous, but I enjoy it!! I don’t appreciate having my confidence eroded by this man. To all the coaches out there who work with adult skaters – the number 1 rule must be to laugh WITH us, not AT us. It’s called respect.

Training log – Jul. 27

This morning’s training was its usual mixed bag. Blades are still going pretty well, but having not skated during the week, it took me some extra time to get going this morning. We’ve been going to the earliest session (5:30 am start), which means getting up at 4:15 to get there in time. Poor DH is suffering, and I think silently wishing we would give up this mad idea.. leaving my alarm to go off after I got up this morning didn’t help matters… poor man.

This morning I was chuffed when my coach saw me mucking around to someone’s music, doing some jumps. “That’s great, show me again” – of course I couldn’t. I can never produce a decent anything to order. It is very frustrating! Another highlight this morning was our Silver Samba. I love this dance, it’s so much fun. We had it flying around at a blistering pace to “Blame it on the Boogie”. I am on the lookout for some more music (108bpm) to play with for this one. Any suggestions, anyone?

July 21, 2012

Worked this morning on 14 step, foxtrot and European Waltz. I am really pleased with the way the 14 step is going. We used one of my new songs (“Ou est ma tete?”) today and the beat really fit well with the steps. This dance is getting faster and faster now, which makes it so much more fun! If only I could get the Foxtrot going like that…

While working on my sit spin, I was dismayed once again by how low I feel I am, in comparison to how low I actually get down there. Coach says practise getting right down and falling on my butt. Joy. I really need to video more of my skating so I can compare what I feel like I’m doing to the glaring reality. Or not!

My Favourite Patterns #1 – Jalie 2214

Jalie 2214

Jalie Pattern 2214 – Great for beginners

This versatile pattern can be used to create a great number of great looking, individual dresses. Spice it up with different fabrics, extra skirt layers, trims, sequins, stones, applique. The only limit is your imagination (and your budget!).

The instructions given are very straightforward, and all sizes from toddlers to large ladies are catered for. This also allows for easier size adjustments for us adult skaters. I am 2 sizes bigger in the bodice than the hips, and this poses no trouble with the Jalie patterns.

In essence, here are the steps to follow:

1. Measure up and choose your size.

2. Choose your fabric

3. Trace your pattern and make any adjustments

4. Cut out your pieces.

5. Follow the sewing instructions. Instructions are given for inserting the elastic too. That is really the hardest part, and is not as hard as you think!

6. Decorate your base dress. Watch out for my post on applique….. coming soon!

7. Look fantastic in your ‘custom’ dress!

Made with Jalie 2214 – Added beaded fringing, flowers and crystal accents